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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Hopefully, the layout will be done soon. I know they don't match but I am horrible at coding and such and can't get my own background to work, so am sufficing to use this one for now. I know it doesn't match (haha!) my header and tag-things, but hopefully that will soon change. So ignore the construction for now. :)

I am still reading P.S. I Love You, but haven't gotten as much reading time as I would have hoped in so far. I have been incredibly busy with my son (Terrible twos? Try terrible threes!), work, and trying to make my brain understand coding all the while trying to combat my insomnia (you would think I would have more done, haha!). I will definitely be giving a review of this novel though as soon as I am able to finish it. Now if I could just kick my night-owl-ishness (made up word, I know), I would be good to go!

Alrighty, off to go read now!



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