The Email Poet - Douglas C. Turner

Thursday, June 23, 2011
I just wanted to take a moment to spotlight this wonderful collection of poems by Douglas C. Turner. Normally I just do novels (fiction, chick lit, YA, etc.) but this collection is quite exceptional.

In this honest and enlightening collection of poems, the reader experiences the visceral sensation of seeing, feeling, and witnessing what the author Douglas C. Turner wants to convey. Each poem is a testament to a life that has embodied many diverse ups and downs, from Douglas' early years to the present day. All of these works are intended to bring light, better understanding and, hopefully, another step towards a peaceful life in the world! The reader just may find a moment of tranquility, which can replace pain and suffering, by reading these inspirational poems. Douglas C. Turner lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina. The motivation behind his writing is his two daughters and his wonderful grandson. Douglas lives his daily life with the strong values that he has learned over time. He uses his experiences to help others connect and find the true meaning of life, which is all about learning how to smile and handle adversity with love and compassion. (Amazon)

Here is one person's review of this fantastic collection (also viewable on

Email Poet is a wonderful journey. The author's poetry has so many wonderful and unique facets to it. Mr. Turner leads you on a journey of his life experiences. His pains, joys and thoughts, dreams are expressed throughout his humble words. This book is very fresh in it's design. You will want to turn the pages to read more and find yourself completely done with the book. I am giving this a five star review because I know this book will be an ultimate hit for any ages or types of people. It is not exclusive and can be relatable to anyone. (Stacey Watts, author and reader)

I personally really enjoyed this collection. It is one of those that will take you on an emotional journey, with ups, downs and in-betweens.



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